Why should you use a professional dog groomer?

Top 5 reasons for using a professional dog grooming service

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Dog grooming is just as much a part of pet health care as daily walks and visits to the vet. Some owners go to extremes and actually spend more on their pets grooming than themselves!  Whether you choose to take the DIY dog grooming route and do it at home or take your dog to a professional, dog grooming is vital for your dog's wellbeing.

The benefits of using a professional dog groomer

The benefits of using a professional dog groomer

There are many benefits to visiting a professional dog groomer.  Your dog doesn't have to be a Crufts champion to look his/her best and you don't have to spend the earth.  Professional dog grooming will leave your pet feeling happy with healthy skin and a shiny coat!

Grooming your pet at home can help build a relationship with your furry friend, but it's important to remember that you may not have the same resources and knowledge that a professional dog groomer does.

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So, before you take out the clippers and do your own dog grooming , here are our top five reasons for  using a professional dog grooming service:

  1. They have specialised knowledge and experience - professional dog groomers know how to use different techniques to get the best grooming results. From hand scissoring to hand stripping, these professional grooming tactics will keep your dog’s coat looking beautiful and well groomed. Professional dog groomers can also clip your dog's nails and clean their ears and teeth. Furthermore, some dogs have a chronic problem with their anal glands becoming clogged. Anal gland cleaning is an unpleasant task but a professional dog groomer can help you handle the problem.

  2. The tools they use are professional and more high-tech - as well as using professional dog grooming equipment, professional dog groomers will use dog-specific shampoos and conditioners to enhance your dog's coat type. This will keep their skin and coat nice and healthy. If you are not familiar with dog grooming products, you might use shampoos and conditioners that could damage your pet’s coat. 

  3. An impartial set of eyes to spot potential problems - like humans, dogs have ailments that can sometimes be spotted by physical examination. Dog owners can be blasé when checking their dogs; an experienced dog groomer may spot something the owner has missed. This could be something as minor as fleas or a more serious health problem such as a lump that’s hard to spot.  If your dog has a fine or curly coat, it's important to be on the lookout for mats, which are tangled balls of fur that can pull on your pet's skin and result in discomfort and pain. Over time, these mats can turn into sores or hiding spots for ticks and fleas.

  4. Dogs that have behavioural issues or are nervous about being groomed may be difficult to handle at home - professional dog groomers have experience working with anxious pets and are able to work with your dog to make it a good experience.

  5. You will save time & it is far more convenient -  long-haired dogs and those with busy, active lifestyles will need a groom more frequently than shorter-haired dogs or those with inactive lifestyles. Dog grooming is time-consuming and can be messy. Taking your pooch to a professional dog groomer is a no-brainer but do make sure you choose the right dog groomer.

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